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Creative content that connects with your audience


Creative storytelling and targeted content are magnets for attracting the right people to your business.

Sharing information of value is the first step in the inbound marketing cycle, attracting qualified leads - people who come to you! Combined with creating an exceptional customer experience, the ongoing provision of useful content can lead to loyal customers.

It’s no longer enough to simply post on social media or indulge in irrelevant blog posts. Each piece of content should be carefully curated to build your brand voice, target a specific audience and achieve maximum impact.

Understanding the questions people are asking about your product or services and undertaking keyword research are ideal places to start when positioning your business as a subject matter expert. Your purpose for writing each piece of content is ultimately as important as what you write.


Connect with the right audience

Offer information of value to potential customers

Effectively convey brand values

Improve visibility in organic search

Build trust and brand awareness

Delight and engage existing customers

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1. Aim to answer questions people have about your product, service or deliver value by addressing important topics which relate to your industry

2. Develop content to suit the channel (social, blog, website, email etc)

3. Maximise your investment - adapt each piece of content for multiple channels

4. Develop a consistent voice for your brand (writing style is as important as maintaining consistency of colours, logos etc. when it comes to building your brand)

5. Consider the role of content in each step of your sales conversion funnel (attract, convert, close, delight)

6. When determining word count, use as many words as required to answer the question or discuss the issue - and no more



Bek Park has extensive experience developing compelling content for small businesses, national brands, non-profit organisations and local government. A journalist with more than 20 years’ professional writing experience, Bek specialises in writing content for online and print, with a passion for inbound marketing and company magazines.

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